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Pet Dental Care in Cockeysville, MD

Like human beings, dogs and cats require proper dental care to maintain good health. Padonia Veterinary Hospital provides pet teeth cleaning in Cockeysville, MD, as well as other preventative and non-preventative dental treatments. Our pet dentist provides a full range of services for dogs and cats of all breeds. There are many signs to watch for to determine whether your furry friend needs to see a pet dentist. If you notice unusually bad breath, a missing tooth, discoloration, reddened gums, or excessive tartar on the teeth, contact us to schedule an appointment. You may also notice your pets move away when you touch their mouth.

Other warning signs include increased drooling, an inability to keep food in the mouth, and more frequently urination due to increased drinking. If you dog or cat presents with any of these symptoms, make an appointment with our pet dentist as soon as possible.

Dog Teeth Cleaning for All Breeds

Prevent periodontal disease in your dog by scheduling regular dog teeth cleaning appointments. Dogs suffer from all the same dental issues as people, but often do not get the same level of care due to ignorance about their dental needs. In fact, dogs develop gum disease five times more often than humans and suffer from a number of other dental problems. However, since dogs and cats have evolved to conceal signs of weakness, you may not notice they are having any problems unless you are specifically looking for them. 

Annual dog teeth cleaning appointments solve this issue. Our pet dentist cleans your dog's teeth thoroughly to prevent periodontal disease and other dental concerns. During the cleaning, the dentist will also check for signs of illness.

Schedule a Cat Teeth Cleaning to Prevent Illness

Keep your cat's teeth healthy and strong with routine cat teeth cleaning sessions. Like their canine counterparts, cats also suffer from many of the same dental problems as human beings. If left unaddressed, these problems could develop into a painful dental disease and your cat may be unable to eat. Bring your cat in to see our pet dentist for annual cleanings to maintain his or her health.

Owner with Smiling Dog in Cockeysville, MD

Other Treatments Available from Our Pet Dentist

Maintain your pet's health by taking advantage of our full range of dental services. In addition to pet teeth cleaning, we also offer more complex dental treatments for serious concerns. Whether your pet needs a tooth extraction, abscess repair, or some other procedure, give us a call to discuss the problem with our pet dentist.

Contact us to schedule pet teeth cleaning session or another dental care service. We proudly serve Cockeysville, Lutherville-Timonium, Hunt Valley, Towson, and Sparks, MD, as well as the surrounding areas.