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Pet Exams in Cockeysville, MD

Help your pet avoid medical emergencies with preventative care from Padonia Veterinary Hospital. We provide thorough pet exams in Cockeysville, MD, for dogs and cats of all breeds. With our physical examinations, animal x-rays, and other diagnostic tools, our vets can quickly and accurately diagnosis any medical concern before it develops into a major health problem. Based upon the findings of our exams, we can recommend preventative care for dogs and preventative care for cats to keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

During our pet exams, we establish a baseline for the overall health of your dog or cat. These exams are similar to the routine physical examinations you receive at your doctor's office. Like humans, pets should be examined regularly in order to maintain good health. By bringing your dog or cat in for some simple tests once a year, you can potentially ward off painful and life-threatening illnesses before they happen.

Animal X-Rays and Other Types of Medical Imaging Available

Find out the source behind your pet's health problems with our medical imaging technology. Our facility is equipped to offer animal x-rays, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic procedure. With these non-invasive technologies, we can get a better look at your pet and determine the cause of their illness or pain. Once a diagnosis has been made, healing can begin.

At our veterinary hospital, we utilize one of the most sophisticated x-ray machines currently available. Our animal x-rays are created and displayed digitally, with no need for printing on film. This allows us to save you and your pet time and money. Our ultrasound equipment is also completely digital. The files from both these machines can be sent electronically to a board certified veterinary radiologist for review, giving you peace of mind that the diagnosis is accurate.

Veterinarian Giving Dog an Exam in Cockeysville, MD

Attentive Preventative Care for Dogs and Cats

Do right by your pets by getting them the preventative care they deserve. Preventative care for dogs and cats goes a long way towards prolonging their lives and promoting good health. Our vets use the information we gain from our pet exams in order to create a custom health care plan for your dog or cat. By investing in cost-effective preventative care treatments, you and your pet can avoid expensive and life-threatening emergencies. For example, vaccinations are a core part of preventative care for cats and dogs alike. A single, affordable shot can protect your pet from developing several different illnesses. 

Contact our animal care clinic for more information on our pet exams, x-rays, and other types of preventative care. We proudly serve Cockeysville, Lutherville-Timonium, Hunt Valley, Towson, and Sparks, MD, as well as the surrounding areas.